Boosting your Instagram account

We’ve all been obsessed with Instagram ever since it came out. It does not look like we’re stopping anytime soon. If you are like many others, who have decided to use this to your advantage and grow more, we have got you covered. 

But Instagram has officially removed the like tag. The likes on your post are only limited to your seeing. There aren’t any ways possible anyone else can know the total amount of reaches on your post, unless it’s not you, personally.

This was done by the CEO of Instagram to ensure that people look at the quality and worth of each and everyone’s post, without judging and competing for the likes. None of us are sure whether this feature is here to stay or if they’re just timely, giving us a wake-up call to reality. It does make a difference for people who are influencers since this is their job and earns them very good cash. 

However, if you are looking for a place to expand your business or make yourself everyone else’s business, there may be ways you can expand your following and make your Instagram page the talk of the town. Here are a few things that you can do. 


Start following a large number of people. The more people you follow the more followings you would get back. Remember to follow active people which can follow you for a long period and stay active with your page and like your posts as well. 


Now, whoever said that money can’t buy happiness was somewhat wrong for the virtual world. There are ways to expand your following, simply buy your viewers. And since Instagrams like handle count has been removed, you can make sure that there’s a good amount of people who are watching your Instagram story. You can do this, and buy Instagram story views. This way there isn’t a lot to be worried about no one will check every follower amongst the thousand others. 

Keep your views up as well as that cash flow. 


The aesthetic soul lives in all of us. So, just follow the trends of the world and make your Instagram feed as perfect as possible. If you are so considering keeping up with this life you need to make sure you’re doing it right and putting all your effort in. But please don’t fall into the trap of this world make sure you keep it positive. Influence people to be better and provide quality content to make sure people stick around for your realness. 


Half of Instagram just survives on the soul of hashtags (#). This is a way for people to find their interests and the more hashtags you put on your posts and the more you make your posts interactive. That is the exact amount of followers you will gain. The more hashtags and the more people find their interests in your post and this is a high chance your account will be followed. 


If your account is based on beauty and such products make sure you enhance your skills in the same subject and stick to it throughout your entire feed. This will help you gain specific people with the right type of supportive ”sisters” all of your hard work will always be appreciated if you provide quality content on the same topic you’ve chosen to explore. There will always be someone better than you but please remember to keep your competition healthy, there is no race you’re all in this together. No wonder it’s called a community. 


Another way to get more followers on Instagram has been through other people. 

The more accounts or official accounts you follow will get you a higher following. The interaction will bring interaction. Shout outs from higher-end pages on Instagram will entice other people to follow you too. 

The more your name comes up on other pages, the more likely it will be that those people will follow you back and maybe you won’t be obliged to follow them back. 


 If you’re at a point of having enough engagements to have a huge following you can ask Instagram to make your account official. Now, this may be a very high reach for you to achieve right at the very beginning, but if you’ve done a few shows a few commercials or maybe if you’re an Instagram model, you can ask Instagram to verify your beauty. This will make people follow you more and make your account a highly suggested page in the Instagram suggestion option. 

You’ve probably ended up here, this is the end. These have been a few ways to boost your Instagram account and make sure to keep yourself physically social as well in the real world since you have to end up here when you switch Instagram off.